Welcome to Volunteer Page of ASEI Seattle Chapter

Volunteerism is the heart and soul of any non profit organization. The success of the ASEI Seattle chapter will solely depend on its volunteers.

We are forming several committees that will require volunteers. If you are interested in a particular committee, please email the following information about yourself to seattleteam@aseiseattle.org.

  • Name, Email Address, Phone #, Committee of Interest

Below is a description of the committees:

  • Communications
    • Develop flyers, brochures, logo, etc.
    • Manage all publication needs
    • Communicate all event details to membership
    • Manage membership database
    • Manage website content
      • Need folks experienced with GoDaddy and WordPress hosting platform
  • Membership
    • Develop a plan to increase membership for our chapter
      • Plans on how we will bring in Microsoft, Amazon, T-Mobile, etc. employees on board.
  • Budget
    • Develop a plan to raise funds for our chapter
      • Individual donations, corporate sponsors, etc.
  • Programs
    • Plan our first gathering event for the volunteer teams
    • Plan our inaugural membership networking event
    • Plan future events
  • STEM
    • Help develop curriculum
    • Teach the STEM sessions
    • Help with Outreach efforts

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Current List of Volunteers:

Dalal, Hardik

Desai, Ishan M

Ghumman, Aaron S

Gill, Priyanka

Mehta, Saurabh D

Padmanabhan, Bharath

Patel, Payal R

Patil, Akshay G

Polaski, Minal P

Rajagopalan, Dhara B

Samra, Sukhdeep S

Shah, Neil N

Shah, Sapan S

Singh, Amanjot

Singh, Harvinder

Sundarraman, Aditi