A description of an ASEI member is provided below:

Any engineer, scientist, technologist, or professional in any scientific or allied field (including  fields of all natural sciences, information technology, and architecture) of Indian or non-Indian origin of good professional standing shall be eligible to become a member of the society.

There are six categories of membership, as follows:

  1. Regular Member:       Shall be the one who meets the above requirements and pays the dues annually.
  2. Life Member:             Shall be the one who meets the above requirements and paid one-time life membership dues.
  3. Student Member:       Shall be the one who is studying full-time in an accredited institute to be an engineer, scientist, technologist, or allied professional.
  4. Corporate Member:    Shall be any corporation that employs engineers, scientists, technologists, architects or allied professionals and pays dues annually.
  5. Associate Member:    Shall be the one who belongs to any profession other than described above and has shown interest in the society’s activities.
  6. Honorary Member:    Shall be the one, who because of his /her outstanding contribution to society, has been selected by the national board of directors.

Membership Fee structure for ASEI Seattle is TBD. Regular, Associate, & Student membership will be FREE until Dec 31, 2018.

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